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We aim to create a united voice from many different individuals who are concerned about the rise of urban 4x4s, as well as environment, safety and sustainable transport groups.

We are gathering messages of support, inspiration and wit from high profile people and organisations. Watch this space.

4x4s are increasingly causing problems in our towns. Using a two-and-a-half tonne, 22 gallon vehicle to pop down to the local supermarket for a packet of teabags leaves a bigger footprint on the environment than a normal car.

In addition 4x4s all too often intimidate other road users and pedestrians; and are actually less safe for the 4x4 drivers themselves.

The peaceful campaign the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s is conducting further highlights the popular support for reducing this problem within our urban areas. They have my support and I congratulate them on their work."

Norman Baker MP
Liberal Democrat Shadow Environment Secretary

"I know that safety and time are real pressures for all mothers and the school run is always stressful. But I am sure most mothers would be horrified if they knew all the facts about 'Chelsea Tractors'. Surely no responsible mother would wish to increase pollution? Let alone put her and other children at risk?

A 4x4 is twice as likely to be involved in a fatal rollover as an ordinary car. And if a pedestrian is hit by a 4x4 they are twice as likely to be killed. Let's all work together to make sure that it's easier and safer for children to walk to school wherever possible without the increased risk of accidents that a school entrance which is bumper-to-bumper with 4x4s means."

Jean Lambert
Green Party MEP for London

"Climate change is endangering the lives of millions and is the greatest threat we face. It is therefore unacceptable that gas-guzzling 4x4 vehicles should be used as urban run-arounds, spewing out up to 4 times as much carbon dioxide as smaller family cars.

If the government was serious about tackling climate change it would increase road tax for gas-guzzlers to get them off our roads."

Stephen Tindale
Executive Director, Greenpeace UK

"These parking tickets are fab. Brilliantly produced. Funny and really incisive in all the info. What else is really good about them is that those of us giving out the tickets end up reading them as well and finding out lots of stuff we didn't know. This way, people who are against 4x4s for one reason, then find lots of other (better) reasons to be be against them."

Robert Newman
Comedian and Author

"These vehicles are unnecessary, polluting and a danger to other road users. They are the equivalent of driving a tank through the streets. It is in everyone's interest to tackle what is in effect the arms race on the road."

Steve Hounsham
Communications Manager, Transport 2000

I believe that 4x4s are a dangerous infection of city life, intimidating pedestrians and other road users alike. An escalating 'arms race' on the roads threatens our safety and I'm glad to support the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s in the hope that people will sit up and notice why 4x4s are such a menace."

Dave Arquati - Transport projects in London

"The Camden Local Agenda 21 Group, are very pleased to offer our support in your campaign. We agree that 4x4s
have a disproportionately detrimental effect on the urban
environment: through their emissions, their brutalisation of the street environment, which further discourages benign transport modes; and their utterly selfish approach to road safety.

The remit of our group is to bring together people from a number of local organisations campaigning to help protect the environment and the communities in Camden. We have accordingly publicised your aims and on-line petition throughout our member organisations."

James Brander
Co-Chair, Camden Local Agenda 21 Group

"After my two-year-old daughter was almost killed by an aggressively driven 4x4 last summer, I started up a campaign against these absurd and dangerous vehicles together with Friends of the Earth in Falmouth, Cornwall.

It was great to discover, via your excellent website, that so many other people are also campaigning so effectively in other parts of the country. All the well-sourced facts and figures that you provide are particularly useful for rebutting the kind of lame excuses for 4x4 ownership one hears so often. Keep up the good work!"

Tom Scott
Falmouth Friends of the Earth

"At a time when childhood obesity is rising dramatically and localised pollution from traffic is causing increases in respiratory illness, these 'urban tanks' are an obscene sight on the school and supermarket run. They do nothing to improve our childrens lives and in fact put their lives in very real danger through the vehicles' size and design. They are a visual warning of how we as consumers can often put being a fashion statement before the health and safety of ourselves and others.

The Alliance Against Urban 4x4s is providing a well-needed service of information about these terror trucks and necessary support for those of us who understand the nature of the threat that they pose to safety. The campaign has my full support and I urge people to sign the petition and give London the chance to set a precedent that the rest of England & Wales can follow. Putting people and planet at risk shouldn't go untaxed!"

Miranda La Vey
Deputy Leader Wales Green Party
Education spokesperson Green Party of England & Wales