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The Alliance Against Urban 4x4s is changing! Our new venture - We are Futureproof - will push for better transport and much more. See our new website for the latest:

See our blog for regular updates and news on our progress towards achieving our mission.

Download and watch a short film about the Alliance, showing our November 2004 picket of Landrover, at Green TV (choose 'air').

See Greenpeace's film asking 4x4 drivers 'what does your car say about you?'

mundo cars log in cloudsLatest news: Never mind fuel duty - what we need is fuel-efficient cars

The Alliance is joining the international Mundo Cars campaign to urge MEPs and MPs to come to the aid of struggling motorists by pushing for much more fuel-efficient cars.

In the EU, the car industry is lobbying to block regulations that would make vehicles significantly less costly to run, having failed in recent years to reduce emissions according to their voluntarily agreed targets.

In London, Brussels, Berlin, Paris and Madrid, campaigners launched the campaign by pushing a white-covered 'Mundo' car together with local MEPs who support the push for a target of 120g of CO2 / km by 2012.

Find out how you can help the campaign here.

So Boris - what will you do for greener transport in London? write to London's new Mayor todayJune 2008 : Boris plans to cancel CO2 Charge

Boris Johnson, London's new Mayor, has said he will cancel the new CO2 Charge, intended to deter the worse gas-guzzlers from central London and provide incentives for cleaner cars.

The money raised was going to provide London's cycling budget for the next ten years.

What will Boris do to save the cycling budget, improve road safety and reduce air pollution in the city? His manifesto wasn't very helpful, but now he's been elected we want some answers.

Send a letter to Boris today, to find out what his plans are for transport in London

porsche and c-charge logos22 February 2008: Stand up to Porsche!

On 20 February 2008, German luxury car manufacturer Porsche announced they were planning to take legal action against the new emissions-based Congestion Charge.

News reports:

Porsche revved up by Livingstone's 'unjust' increase Independent 20/02/08
Porsche could sue over £25 c-charge Guardian 19/02/08
Porsche threatens legal action on £25 congestion fee Guardian 20/02/08

12 February 2008: CO2 Charge confirmed for London

c-charge launch, copyright james o jenkinsAfter years of campaigning one of our founding aims is going to happen.

Emissions-based Congestion Charging in London will begin on 27 October 2008.

Under the new scheme, cars emitting more than 225 g/km of carbon dioxide will pay £25 per day to enter the Congestion Charge zone, while cars emitting less than 120 g/km will receive a 100% discount.

The Alliance was at the press conference in City Hall, where the Mayor of London announced the scheme would go ahead after a three-month public consultation, and expressed his thanks at the part the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s played in raising public awareness of the problems caused by 4x4s and the need for this measure.

News reports:

Ken Livingstone declares war with £25 c-charge Times 12/02/08
C-charge rises to £25 for 'gas guzzlers' Independent 12/02/08
'Gas guzzlers' c-charge up to £25 BBC 12/02/08

crash test dummies crossing the road19 June 2007: Results of pedestrian safety survey presented to 4x4 drivers on the school run

Members of the Alliance dressed as crash test dummies and scientists took to the streets of Highgate in North London to present the results of our survey to 4x4 drivers.

We counted the 4x4s on the school run in the area and found that the most commonly used gas-guzzlers were also the ones with the lowest pedestrian safety ratings.

handing a survey to a 4x4 driver4x4s increasingly dominate the school run. Mums who drive them defend their vehicle choice because they are safe for the occupants. But they are making the school run less safe for the vulnerable children and parents walking & cycling to school.

Alliance members conducted a survey of school run traffic along North Road on 21st May 2007. There are 7 schools in the immediate vicinity. In the critical period between 8 and 9am, we counted 160 4x4s. Of those, the 5 most popular and highly polluting models all have very low or non-existent Euro NCAP pedestrian safety ratings.

According to Blake Ludwig, co-founder and director of the Alliance, “All of the children on our streets have become crash test dummies. They have all become potential targets by drivers of large 4x4s.”

Download the results of our survey here (pdf) and see how the different 4x4s compare for pedestrian safety.

valentine card14 February 2007: Alliance sends messages of love to drivers of clean cars

The Alliance Against Urban 4x4s are delivering specially designed romantic valentine cards to British actress Thandie Newton and footballer Harry Kewell.

The valentines are a thank you to the celebrities for joining the ranks of converts from gas-guzzling 4x4s to new low-emission hybrid vehicles.

Activists from the Alliance will also be secretly posting love messages under the windscreen wipers of low-emission cars in streets across the UK. Owners of tiny Smart cars (emissions around 120g/km of carbon dioxide), Toyota Prius hybrids (104 g/km), and the all-electric G-Wiz (zero emissions) will be thanked for their excellent choice of vehicle.

There are some notable celebrities who won’t be receiving valentine cards from the Alliance because they drive or promote gas-guzzling 4x4s.

Top of our list is celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, filmed in his new television series driving a large Range Rover which emits CO2 levels around 370g/km. Also not on our list are Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, race row Big Brother celeb Jade Goody, footballers David Beckham and Wayne Rooney, singers Madonna and George Michael, as well as Zara Philips and Ewan McGregor, both of whom have recently helped publicise 4x4s in advertisements.

Download a pdf of our Valentine card here or click on the image above. Print a few copies and show the clean car drivers in your neighbourhood how much you love them!

Thandie Newton talks about 4x4s and her conversion to a hybrid in the Scotsman newspaper

campaigners on college green bristol27 January 2007: Launch of Bristol Alliance Against Urban 4x4s

The Bristol Alliance Against Urban 4x4s celebrated its official launch on 27th January. Campaigners gathered in front of two large banners on College Green, after spending the morning issuing over 1,000 mock parking tickets to 4x4s in areas of central Bristol including Redland, Clifton and Broadmead.

"We have received a lot of support from Bristol residents who see no place for 4x4s in our city," says Harriet Williams, one of the founders. "These vehicles are polluting and dangerous. They were designed to travel across sand, mud and rocky terrain - not across the tarmac of residential streets full of pedestrians, cyclists and children."

David Rose, another Alliance founder, added, "The question is this: are we as a society doing anything meaningful to slow down climate change when you can still legally park and drive a huge, fuel inefficient Range Rover in Clifton, just for shopping trips and the school run?"

The group has received offers of help from over 100 Bristol residents so far, and sent out over 3,000 spoof parking tickets for distribution.

Story in Bristol Evening Post (pdf)
Coverage on BBC website

Sign our petition for higher taxes for gas-guzzlers on the PM's website

With rumours that Gordon Brown may increase Vehicle Excise Duty on gas guzzlers, we need to make sure there's a significant reward for smaller cars and a bigger penalty for large wastemonsters in the next budget - please sign our petition to the Prime Minister at

25 November 2006: Edinburgh Alliance gets going

The Edinburgh branch of the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s has succesfully launched. Nearly a thousand spoof 'parking tickets' were issued to campaigners in all, and were issued to cars in New Town and Stockbridge.

"The days when people could drive tank-sized cars about the city without encountering public opinion are over," said Alliance spokesperson, Gregory Norminton. "18 of the 4x4 models in our streets fall within the highest band for CO2 emissions. This makes 4x4s the single most polluting group of cars on the market."

"We believe that government should ban advertisements for the most polluting vehicles or place visible health warnings over them, similar to those printed on cigarette packets. The largest 4x4s exceed by more than 200% the EU vehicle emissions target of 140 g CO2/km. They are also extremely dangerous to other road users, and can be fatal even at low speeds in collisions with pedestrians, especially children and the elderly."

The coverage of the Edinburgh Alliance has been remarkable. We have been on Radio Forth, BBC Radio Scotland and BBC 1's 'Reporting Scotland'.

See also the following articles in The Edinburgh Evening News and The Herald:

More on the Edinburgh Alliance blog:

5 September 2006: Launch of Hampshire Alliance Against Urban 4x4s

5th September saw the launch of the Hampshire Alliance Against Urban 4x4s in the grounds of Winchester Cathedral. Representatives from 15 local groups attended in spite of the heavy rains and 4x4s were 'ticketed' around the town centre.

Organiser Darren Shirley said, "The Hampshire Alliance has been a long time coming. We don't want Winchester and the other towns and cities of Hampshire to end up like Chelsea! We aim to ensure appropriate measures are brought in locally to curb the influx of 4x4s."

19 July 2006: Alliance asks tough questions of car industry at motor show

Alliance members protested at the British International Motor Show's 'International Business Day' on 19th July, where Lewis Booth, Executive Vice-President for Ford in Europe, gave a keynote lecture claiming that 'the challenge of more sustainable motoring is at the top of the industry agenda'.

In contrast we highlighted the failure of the motor industry to reach even their voluntary EU targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions of cars and challenged companies to stop marketing gas-guzzling 4x4s in search of short-term profits.

The industry's own data show that the average carbon dioxide emissions of new cars in the UK was 169 g/km in 2005, down just 2 g/km on 2004, and with another 29 g/km to lose over the next two years in order to meet the voluntary industry target of 140 g/km by 2008.

While manufacturers made a brave attempt to pretend they have ecological credentials by showing off a few new 'green' models at the motor show, will they continue to fight compulsory CO2 targets in Europe and fund adverts denying the dangers of climate change in the USA?

The Alliance is asking the motor industry to redesign road transport from the bottom up right across their range, not greenwash from the top down!

Read our leaflet for motor show delegates (pdf)


12 July 2006: Success in London - Mayor announces higher congestion charge for gas-guzzlers, with a £25 top rate and discounts for cleaner cars

The plans, outlined to Assembly Members at City Hall, set out a sliding scale for cars emitting higher and lower levels of carbon dioxide emissions: cleaner cars in tax bands A and B will receive a discount on the current rate of £8, while cars in bands E, F and G will pay a higher rate with the dirtiest band G cars penalized with a top rate of £25.

The announcement follows the delivery to the Mayor on 14th June this year of the Alliance's 5,500 signature petition and a report setting out how higher payments could be implemented. The report called for a top rate of £20 for gas guzzlers (see below).

But the Mayor said that he had been told by Transport for London that an even more sophisticated scheme was practical, with a higher top rate and a sliding scale giving discounts for cleaner cars as well.

A public consultation on the plans will begin in the autumn, and we'll keep you informed about how you can submit your views to the Mayor.

£25 for 4x4s in London Guardian 12 July 2006
Congestion charge will rise to £25 for 'Chelsea tractors' Times 13 July 2006

23 June 2006: 4x4 drivers four times more likely to break traffic laws

Reported on the front page of the Independent, research published by the British Medical Journal studied 41,000 drivers in London and discovered that the drivers of 4x4s are four times more likely to be using their mobile phone while driving, and more likely to be driving without a seatbelt.

The authors suggest their results support the theory of 'risk compensation', where drivers of 4x4s feel safer (they're not, see our safety page), and so are more likely to take part in risky behaviour.

Read the full report in the British Medical Journal here
4x4 debate: Enemy of the people Independent 23 June 2006
4x4 drivers 'put others at risk' BBC News 23 June 2006
It's true! Chelsea tractor drivers ignore the rules Times 23 June 2006

14 June 2006: Charge gas-guzzlers more in London

A new report by the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s sets out how a higher Congestion Charge of £20 could be applied to highly polluting cars.

On 14 June we presented our report and a petition signed by 5,500 people to the Mayor's Transport Adviser, Jenny Jones AM, at City Hall.

  • We propose a simple system of charging according to carbon dioxide emissions - cars higher than 225 g/km would pay £20 a day, vs £8 for smaller cars.
  • Around one fifth of cars would be affected by the higher charge, which could raise up to £34 million a year for better public transport .
  • Department of Transport research suggests around 40% of 4x4s and other gas-guzzlers would be deterred from coming into central London

We will now be sending the petition (which also calls for higher levels of road tax and a ban on advertising for 4x4s in the mainstream media) to new Transport Secretary Douglas Alexander. Add your signature on our petition page.

Full Congestion Charge report available here (pdf)
£20 c-charge call for 4x4 drivers BBC News 14 June 2006

The Mayor responded on 21st June, saying "I would very much favour the idea perhaps of the £20 charge for cars that emitted two or three times the normal level of carbon emissions.” A more sophisticated system could be ready by 2008 according to Ken Livingstone and Transport for London.

Some drivers would pay less under 'intelligent' congestion charge Times 27 June 2006
4x4s could face £20 Ccharge South London Press 17 June 2006
London Mayor may boost fee for drivers of polluting vehicles Bloomberg news 22 June 2006

10 June 2006

The Alliance joins the World Naked Bike RIde

Members of the Alliance joined up with the World Naked Bike Ride in London on 10th June to help protest about oil dependency and car use. We preserved our modesty with pants covered in slogans such as '4x4s are pants' and '4x4s are a load of arse'.

The day was a huge success with almost 1,000 people attending the ride and raising eyebrows all over central London.



18 April 2006

'4x4s are minging' - Footballers' wives protest at Chelsea training ground

The Alliance Against Urban 4x4s carried out a daring protest on 18 April at the training ground of Chelsea Football Club.

As players arrived for training at the ground in Cobham, Surrey, an Alliance referee handed the footballers a giant 'red card' for their poor choice of gas-guzzling 4x4s.

He was joined by a gaggle of 'footballers' wives' in their most fabulous fake fur and bling, and with their very straightest hairdos. The wives berated the players with stylish pink placards saying, "I'd rather guzzle champagne than petrol", and "Range Rover - SO over".

Which team will be next as we seek to educate the premier league?

Car protestors target footballers BBC news 19 April 2006

22 March 2006

Brown budget puts a useless £45 extra tax on gas-guzzlers

"New top rate of £210 will not change a thing" says the Alliance. The government's own research shows that a top tax band of at least £900 per year is needed to make a difference to people's choice of car, with a difference between bands of £150 at a minimum.

This research is also backed by the Energy Saving Trust, Sustainable Development Commission and Transport 2000. The budget changes are a token masure that will make no difference to the growing carbon dioxide emissions of the UK car fleet, and Gordon Brown knows it.

New zero-rate vehicle tax for least polluting cars Guardian 23 March 2006
More about the Alliance's tax proposals

5 March 2006

Alliance launches in Brighton and Hove

"Blight on the Road" parking tickets designed by local resident Nick Sayers are a big hit in the seaside city. Local Green Party councillors join more than 30 volunteer 'parking wardens' to issue over 1,000 notices to local urban 4x4 drivers.

The event featured in ITV's 'Tonight with Trevor McDonald' in a programme about grassroots action to reduce the impact of our travel on the environment.

Driving off road cars off the road for good The Argus 7 March 2006
Tonight with Trevor McDonald 24 March 2006

2 December 2005

Norwich Alliance Against Urban 4x4s is launched

Norwich Green Party and Friends of the Earth get together to launch the campaign in Norwich with a mass ticketing event in the city centre.

Councillor Rupert Read, Green transport spokesperson said, " We owe it to our children to find ways of cutting back on the prevalence of 4x4s in Norwich. Our hope is that this ‘tongue-in-cheek' campaign will help raise public awareness of this issue, and will encourage those Norwich-residents who are thinking of buying a 4x4 to get a more appropriate vehicle for urban driving.”


Campaign against 4x4 vehicles Eastern Daily Press 2 December 2005
Protestors gear up for anti 4x4 drive Norwich Evening News 3 December 2005

11th and 12th November 2005

International days of action across Europe and the USA co-ordinated by the Jumpstart Ford campaign

The Alliance Against Urban 4x4s took its message to Ford and their Premier Automotive Group design offices in the heart of Soho on 11th November, to highlight the failure of the company to reduce its carbon footprint in Europe.

Alliance members collected signed copies of a letter calling on Ford's Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, JC Mays, to urge Chairman Bill Ford to meet the company's voluntary European targets for carbon dioxide emissions rather than pushing monstrosities like the Range Rover Sport. More than 150 letters were signed and handed into Ford's offices after just an hour on the streets and many more letters were also sent in by supporters using email and post.


Campaigners in Europe also contacted the heads of Ford in their countries on 11th November, and the Jumpstart Ford campaign's 12th November 'Day of Intervention' saw dealerships across the United States adopted by activists telling Ford to get serious about breaking American's oil addiction.

Download our leaflet and letter
Download press release

7 October 2005: British Medical Journal editorial calls for health warnings on 4x4s

After reviewing the evidence for the risks to pedestrians of different vehicle designs, scientists writing in the BMJ call for health warnings on 4x4s. They are particularly concerned about the increase in 4x4s on our streets coinciding with an increase in older people in the population because the elderly are four times more likely to die if they are hit by a car.

Alliance members are asked to comment on the issue by ITV News, BBC London and Independent Radio News.

Read the articles in the BMJ:
Editorial: Sports utility vehicles and older pedestrians
Editorial: Protecting pedestrians
Designing road vehicles for pedestrian protection

Other coverage of the health warnings proposal:
Beware the killer 4x4s Daily Mirror 7 October 2005
Call for health warnings on 4x4s BBC News 7 October 2005
Warning 4X4s can damage your health Daily Mail 7 October 2005
4x4 cars 'twice as likely to kill' Times 7 October 2005

16 July 2005:
Free 'Mudwash' for 4x4 drivers

Alliance members across the country turned out to offer urban 4x4 drivers instant credibilty with an artfully applied coating of real mud. Activists and concerned members of the publc had fun taking part in this light-hearted summer event, offering a range of looks, including 'Gloucestershire Gunk' and 'Surrey Slurry'.

We were also collecting new signatures for our petition calling for financial penalties for urban 4x4 drivers, and a ban on mainstream 4x4 advertising.

More pictures from around the UK on our blog.

Anti 4x4 group 'mudwash' campaign' BBC News 16 July 2005




12 May 2005: School-run lollipops and mortar boards hit Coventry

Coventry Friends of the Earth hold a school-run demonstration outside a school in Coventry and get a very positive response from parents.

Coventry Evening Telegraph 12 May 2005
Coventry Observer 19 May 2005


10 May 2005: The Alliance's mock parking tickets feature in new exhibition celebrating British folk art

Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller includes our 'Poor Vehicle Choice' tickets in his new exhibition of popular British creativity.

How gurning became a work of art BBC News 10 May 2005
Exhibition details on Barbican website

8 May 2005: Are we winning?

Independent on Sunday predicts the demise of the 4x4, then on Tuesday the Independent changes its tune and decides they won't be gone anytime soon. However, the New York Times reports that in America sales are falling rapidly after leading conservatives come out against SUVs.

Is this the end of the road for the planet's most hated vehicles? Independent on Sunday 8 May 2005
The rise and rise of the 4x4 Independent 10 May 2005
Ford and G.M. Suffer as Buyers Shun S.U.V.s New York Times 04 May 2005

25 April 2005: The travelling Landrover protest hits Basingstoke

The second in a series of protests against Land Rover organised by Berkshire Greenpeace.

Activists from Berkshire, Hampshire and Wiltshire Greenpeace groups converged on Webbers Land Rover on New Road, Basingstoke for a peaceful demonstration and were joined by journalists from rival local papers.

More details and pictures on our blog.

1 April 2005: BBC Money Programme Special "The Gas Guzzlers Versus the Greens" investigates Hybrid 4x4s

The Alliance features prominently, commenting, "They're a bit of a red herring. A hybrid may do very well for emissions compared with another 4x4, but won't do very well compared with a normal car."

Read the BBC online report 1 April 2005

March 2005: Double trouble in Manchester - Alliance members call for twice the parking fees for 4x4s

A public survey asked, "Should parking charges be doubled for 4x4s and other very polluting vehicles?" and the results were clear, with 83% voting "Yes". We will now present these results to Manchester City council and ask them to follow the example of North Sydney council in Australia and double parking charges for 4x4s and other gas-guzzlers.

Press release from Manchester Friends of the Earth
4WD drivers 'should pay double for their parking' Manchester Metro News 17 March 2005

March 2005: The Transport Research Laboratory releases its annual report on deaths on Britain's roads

For the first time, fatalities are split between different groups of cars, and the rise in 4x4s is shown to be at least partly responsible for the highest number of road deaths in seven years. Alliance members appear on ITV news commenting on this new evidence that 4x4s are causing problems here in the UK.

Little and Large a Lethal Combination Times 21 March 2005
Transport Research Laboratory website

February 2005: 85% back a higher congestion charge for 4x4s. Alliance teams up with Greenpeace to poll 5,400 Londoners

Top story on both BBC and ITV London news

Huge backing for 4x4 C-charge rise Evening Standard 7 March 2005
Call for £20 C-charge for gas-guzzlers Greenpeace news

Download our press release for more on the results

Visit Greenpeace's action site to sign a petition to Landrover and demand they make cleaner cars:

Our column in the Independent Motoring section:

Should we allow people to waste money on 4x4s? 1 March 2005


January 2005: School run demonstrations across the UK gain national TV, radio and press coverage


Ain't nothing but a road hog Independent on Sunday 6 Feb 2005
Getting mad about urban monsters Sunday Times 16 Jan 2005
Stars in big cars target of 4x4 rage Sunday Times 16 Jan2005
Protesters send the 4x4 school-run mums to bottom of the class Camden New Journal 15 Jan 2005
4x4 protesters drive me up the wall - car owner Hampstead and Highgate Express 13 Jan 2005
Front line of the 4x4 war zone (also known as the school run) Independent 12 Jan 2005
Green groups out to shame 4x4 owners Times 8 Jan 2005


Anger as 4x4 drivers face protests Gloucestershire Echo 20 Jan 2005
Let's drive the 4x4s off the roads Gloucestershire Echo 17 Jan 2005

Download our 'School run report' by clicking on the image.

December 2004: The Alliance launches in Manchester

Full report by Manchester Friends of the Earth
Booked! The Axles of Evil Manchester Evening News 20 December 2004
Poll in the Manchester Evening News
Green campaigners target 4x4 drivers Manchester Online, 20 December 2004
Green activists stick spoof parking tickets on 4x4 cars Manchester Metro, 20 December 2004

Results of poll in the Manchester Evening News:







November 2004: Day of action in support of the Jumpstart Ford/Landrover campaign

Try telling the ladies of Chelsea that a stylish 4x4 is 'not cool' Sunday Telegraph, 14 November 2004
Protesters Target 'Chelsea Tractor' Owners Scotsman 13 November 2004
Protesters hit 'Chelsea tractors' BBC, 13 November 2004
American Icon: Big, Bad S.U.V.'s Are Spreading to Europe
New York Times, 14 November 2004
Some Europeans see US excesses in SUVs International Herald Tribune, 15 November 2004

Other news about the Alliance:

picture from Evening Standard

Green revolutionaries Times 18 Feb 2006
Londoners in love with off-roaders - study Mirror 10 Feb 2006
Urban gorilla
Observer Magazine, 10 April 2005
4x4 vehicles are just plain daft Christian Wolmar's column Feb 2005
Do you need a 4x4 to get up Primrose Hill? Camden New Journal
Two faces of the townie tank Herald (Scotland), 8 December 2004
Sian goes to war on 4x4s Gloucestershire Echo, 17 November 2004
Chelsea tanks - this is war Guardian, 5 October 2004
Woman's quest against 4x4s Evening Standard, 4 October 2004
4x4s - love them or loathe them? BBC London (Politics Show) 19 September 2004

TV and Radio featuring Alliance members since October 2004

Sky News, ITV News, BBC News 24, BBC2 Car Nation, ITV Tonight with Trevor MacDonald, BBC Money Programme, BBC Watchdog, BBC Breakfast News, Channel 4 Richard and Judy, BBC3 News, BBC The Week, BBC Daily Politics, BBC Politics Show, BBC London News, ITV London Tonight, ITV Granada News, BBC Midlands Today, ITV Central News, BBC Radio 4, Radio 2, Radio 5 Live, BBC London Radio, Virgin Radio, LBC, BBC Radio Belfast, BBC Radio Devon, BBC Radio Sheffield, BBC Three Counties Radio, Radio Jackie, Severn Sound, BBC Radio Devon, BBC Radio Essex, BBC Radio Gloucestershire, NTV (Russia), CBC (Canada).

Anti urban 4x4 campaigns around the world:

North Sydney Council to double 4WD parking fees Sydney Herald 15 February 2005
Florence tells 4x4 drivers to keep out Telegraph, 2 December 2004
Rome cracks down on SUVs Guardian 8 October 2004
French wrath over four-wheel drives BBC, 26 August 2004
4x4s into Paris won't go - if SUV ban works Guardian, 10 June 2004
Fighting over gas guzzlers New Zealand Herald, 3 June 2003
S.U.V. Haters Pitch a Curbside Battle New York Times 23 August 2002

Other articles of interest:

4x4 owners repent:

Thandie quits her 4x4 to be a green goddess Sunday Times 2 April 2006
School run shame drove Helen to switch to electric Ham and High 4 February 2005
4x4s will vanish in a puff of smoke Telegraph, 16 October 2004
Why 4x4 = twice the trouble Times 5 July 2004

More opinions and research news:

4x4 drivers face higher premiums AOL News, 22 February 2007
Four wheel drive vehicles, class war, and the BMJ British Medical Journal 21 July 2006
John Siminster: Those dimwits who drive 4x4s Independent 16 May 2006
Drive one of these? You're crass and irresponsible says minister on warpath Times 27 February 2006
4x4s 'no safer' than smaller cars Times 4 January 2006
Proof men drive 4x4s in bid to look macho Daily Express, 4th August 2005
Decline of saloon = rise in deaths Sunday Times 27 February 2005
Driving into the abyss George Monbiot in the Guardian, 6 July 2004
David Begg: Get these two tonne monsters off the roads Independent, 6 July 2004
4x4s more than twice as deadly for pedestrians Sunday Herald, 14 December 2003
Protecting Children As Vehicles Back Up New York Times,. 7 November 2003
Death traps that can't be banned around kids Sydney Morning Herald 7 September 2003
Jurassic parking Telegraph, 6 September 2003
Ban 4x4s on school runs, says MP Irish Times, 6 July 2003
Revealed: the true cost of our love affair with 4x4s Sunday Herald, 8 June 2003
MP takes on giants of the urban jungle Guardian, 28 May 2003
SUVs pose danger to cars CNN, 26 February 2003
Safety and SUVs Washington Post, 17 January 2003