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Anti-SUV websites

4x4 network site4x4 Network An international network of 4x4 campaigners including our sister groups in Europe and the USA.


NOSUV Antipodean/Asia Pacific website excellent resources and well researched site

The Detroit Project Lobbying for fuel efficient cars in the US well funded and excellent ads

What Would Jesus Drive? Putting the environment on the biblical agenda the source of much media attention in the US

Jumpstart Ford From the Rainforest Action Network Ford have the largest emissions of any vehicle fleet

Sierra Club SUV page A very funny take on the US's least favourite vehicle

Anti 4x4 artwork gallery Graphics and posters to download

FUH2 Disreputable and hilarious site documenting insults to the Hummer H2


Transport websites

Sustrans - Sustainable transport information and campaigning

Campaign for Better Transport - National and local transport advice, information and campaigning resources.

Christian Wolmar Transport expert and columnist

King Commute siteKingcommute Urban cycling training and advice

Living Streets campaigning for streets where pedestrians can feel at home.


Carbon emissions and transport

VCA Car Fuel Data UK Government site where you can compare the emissions of different models

The Environmental Transport Association has a green car buyers’ guide which is easy to use to find the best cars for your needs.

US fuel-economy figures are available from the government on their website.

The Greener Cars website in the USA has information on fuel economy and tips for greener driving.

The Green Car Site brings together information about greener cars and alternative fuel vehicles available in the UK.

euro ncap websiteSafety information

Euro NCAP crash testing Official safety reports

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety US safety organisation that produces regular reports about the dangers of SUVs

New Economics Foundation Report calling for health warnings on 4x4s in the UK

kids and cars siteKids and Cars US charity concerned about child and pedestrian safety


Green websites

Greenpeace climate campaigns

Friends of the Earth

Green Party

Rising Tide

Campaign Against Climate Change

People and Planet

Critical Mass

Ethical Consumer online shopping guide