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mundo cars log in clouds Urgent action this week: write to the UK Transport Minister

The European Council is meeting soon to make final decisions on whether the EU will bring in strong and meaningful CO2 emissions targets for new cars.

Along with Friends of the Earth Europe and other green groups, we are pushing for a target of 120g CO2/km by 2012, and 80g CO2/km by 2020.

UK ministers now have a crucial role to play in encouraging a bold step forward in encouraging better car technology. But car makers are lobbying hard to undermine the targets. Ministers need to hear from you now that people want cleaner, cheaper cars in the future.

Click here to email or write to Geoff Hoon MP now

About us

We are a growing campaign that is uniting environmental, consumer, road safety groups and concerned individuals all over the UK. Our campaign began in London but we are now active in towns and cities across the country.

Through us you can find lots of constructive, creative and peaceful ways to deal with your frustration at the increasing numbers of big 4x4 vehicles on urban streets.

crash test dummies crossing the roadWhat we want

Our goals are to make driving a big 4x4 in town as socially unacceptable as drink-driving, to make people think harder about the effect of their choice of car on others, and to help bring in sensible policies to increase the cost of driving the most polluting vehicles.

These policies include increases in charges like road tax and congestion charges, as well as an end to advertisements for gas-guzzlers in the mainstream media.

Read more about our aims and find out why we are focusing on 4x4s on our 'mission' page.

Take action!

Click on 'latest action' in the menu at the top of this page for current ways you can help. We regularly update this site with new ways to make a difference.

You can send drivers of urban 4x4s a message they can't ignore with our spoof parking tickets, downloadable from our shop. Email us for a free batch of high-quality printed versions.

Buy an Alliance T-shirt to show 4x4 drivers what you think every day. Order now while stocks last from our shop.

On this website...

We will endeavour to keep you up to date with the public and media debate on urban 4x4s and our progress in consolidating political action against them.

Our aims and demands in more detail.

Check out our blog and see what's in the news about us today.

Download spoof parking tickets and buy window stickers for your car or an exclusive Alliance t-shirt.

Climate change
Read about how our transport choices can make a real difference.

It isn't just climate change that suffers from the increased use of gas-guzzlers. Read about the appalling record of the average urban 4x4 on local pollution and air quality.

You might feel safer driving the children to school in a 4x4, but do you know that you are more likely to have an accident on the way?

We are collecting messages of support from a range of campaigners, elected representatives and prominent individuals. See what they have to say.

Take a look at some educational and entertaining anti-SUV websites, everything from the well funded and celebrity endorsed Detroit Project, the antipodean NOSUV, to the downright biblical What would Jesus Drive?

Thoughts and quotes....

"We spend so much time talking about how the Government needs to respond to climate change and reduce emissions, we're always talking about companies being more responsible but, really, people's personal choice in the car their drive has as much effect as any government policy."

Hayley Rolfe, Founder member of the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s

"I do have to say that the drivers of these things in cities must be clinically insane."

Jeremy Clarkson - presenter, Top Gear

"When you see someone trying to manoeuvre it round the school gates, you have to think, you are a complete idiot."

Ken Livingstone - former Mayor of London

"Four-by-four vehicles are simply not designed for driving in urban areas and to do so is irresponsible."

Professor David Begg - Chairman of the Commission for Integrated Transport

"If the majority of your journeys are in an urban or suburban environment you don't need a 4x4 vehicle."

Paul Everitt Spokesperson, Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders